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Pastel de Nata + Caixa_edited
Fábrica da Nata
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Tabuleiro no Forno
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Sala Azul Vista da Sala do meio


At Fábrica da Nata" The" cream custard tart is the Hero. And all offer was set around the factory star, with breakfast, lunch and snack options. Let yourself be tempted by custard tarts , from Fábrica da Nata, finished out of the oven, made ​​in his view, warm , sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar.You will not be able to stay only for one!

Because it's not a sin , it is a pleasure and gluttony do not live here .

 Fábrica da Nata at Lisbon or Oporto is fancy being, the space invites you to come and enjoy "the" Pastel de Nata, in one of its cozy rooms, some with armchairs and sofas or at a large terrace ideal for summer days.

Praça dos Restauradores

Praça dos Restauradores, nº 62-68

1250-110 Lisboa

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 às 23h00

T. +351 211 325 435 / +351 912 358 070

Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta, nº 275 A

1100-052 Lisboa

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 às 23h00

T. +351 912 551 171

Sintra - Praça da República

Praça da República, nº 6

2710-616 Sintra

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 às 23h00


Rua de Santa Catarina 331/335

4000-451 Porto

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 às 23h00

T. +351 912 552 553

Porto - Praça Almeida Garret

Praça Almeida Garret nº7 A-D

4000-069 Porto

Monday to Sunday: 08h00 às 23h00

T. +351 221 141 826

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Sobremesas la parrilla
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parrilla_0066 copy


The best Argentinian meat with all the quality, authenticity and speed in a shopping centre environment.

Try out black pork and fresh fish delicacies too. Our secret: the Homemade Argentinian Grill!

_Versailles DSC3092


For those who enjoy reliving memories of Portugal’s Capital, the most elegant and emblematic cake shop is the place to stop in order to taste true delicacies. With its own manufacturing, the cake shop Versailles features a variety of deliciously tempting cakes. You will find a refined setting with

a sophisticated decor where every detail counts. Versailles also works as a restaurant serving simple dishes, including the mandatory Versailles icons, such as the croquette - made of the finest veal loin of beef, patty, fish cake, steak and cod, prepared before our customers in our imposing Rotisserie.

Logo My Bistro
Croissant+meia leite

Centro Vasco da Gama

Av. D. Joao II, Loja.2045

Monday - Sunday: 11h00 às 00h00

T.+351 210 964 959

Centro Colombo

Av. Lusiada Loja.2029

Monday - Sunday: 11h00 às 00h00

T.+351 211 952 876

Lisbon Airport

1) After Security

Monday - Sunday: 05h00 às 22h00

T. +351 917 517 011 

2) After Security

Monday - Sunday: 05h00 às 22h00

Kiosk Centro Colombo

Level: 0 

Store: Q0.02

Monday - Sunday: 09h00 às 24h00

T. +351 210 999 167

Lisbon Airport

Public area

Monday - Sunday: 05h30 às 22h00

T. +351 916 146 096

MY Bistro

A simple but sophisticated cafeteria. Quick meals with a gastronomic concept investing in diversity and quality. Spacious esplanade outside.

Its menu includes pizzas, pastas, juicy steaks, salads and snacks.

For passengers who want a quick meal, we offer a wide range of delicious hot and cold sandwiches, quiches and snacks, complemented by an assortment of cafeteria drinks and varied pastries.

Lisbon Airport

Public area

Monday - Sunday: 05h30 às 00h00

T. +351 916 146 096


Situated in the public arrivals area of the Lisbon Airport, it brings together, in one place, two distinct concepts: bakery, pastries and varied toasts/ coffee spot.

In the bakery area, fresh bread is ready

to pick and sandwiches are made-to-order for the client.

The pastry section offers a large variety

of cakes, coffees, drinks and teas.

With an area of sofas and another with high tables for faster consumption, this is the ideal place to have light meals such

as breakfast, snacks and brunches.

Just enjoy an hot strong and delight coffee in our Nespresso corner.



Lisbon Airport

Terminal 2  - Public area

Monday - Sunday: 05h00 às 22h00

T. +351 916 440 833

It is the oldest and most traditional confectionery of Lisbon.

It is a concept that essentially invests in the tradition of the art of pastry baking.


Founded in 1829, it is based on traditional Portuguese artisanal pastry baking,

with high-quality cafeteria service.

It offers the best coffees and teas created by real experts.

Faro Airport 

Monday - Sunday: 05h00 until last flight

T. +351 916 146 108


Mulligan 's is an authentic Irish pub , which arise by the taste for good beer.Our mission is to provide passengers from Faro airport moments of fun and relaxation before heading toward home, on vacation or on business. The decor is true to the pubs we found in the UK and Ireland. Walls in brick, wooden desk , 




tables with high stools , sofas, paintings on the walls and a choice of beers and cocktails , in an intimate setting and invites you to relax .A gastronomic concept that bet on quality and tradition since the true English breakfast to juicy burgers and the famous jacket potato and house specialties.

Vasco da Gama Shopping Center

C. Comercial Vasco Gama

Av. D. Joao II, Loja.2045

Monday - Sunday: 11h00 às 00h00

T.+351 210 964 959



At La Rotisserie customers will enjoy succulent roasted chicken and pork ribs prepared in their sight on the imposing Rotisserie.


An exquisite gastronomic experience with the best ingredients at a very attractive price is the proposal of La Rotisserie.

Faro Airport

Monday - Sunday: 06h00until last flight

T. +351 916 146 108


The Travellers Rest invites you to enjoy the sunset and delight yourself with the amazing temperatures of the beautiful Algarve, before boarding or while you´re waiting for someone who´s coming soon. Enjoy relaxing hours in the wide terrace surrounded by natural plants, while you delight yourself with some drink or a quick meal.


With a variety of options for all day like continental breakfast, hot sandwiches, delicious and juicy burgers, tapas and snacks, they’re all served in this bright spot with a large and inviting terrace, carrying 150 seats.

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